Your saddle fitting appointment

When to call the saddle fitter out?

People will call the saddle fitter out for a number of reasons, new horse, new rider, a problem they are having or for routine checking (a saddle should be checked every 6 months)

The biggest reason for calling a saddle fitter is in the instance of a problem developing, some of which are as follows:

  • Cold backed
  • Shortened stride
  • Unwillingness to go forward
  • Tripping excessively
  • Being girthy/ unhappy when tightening the girth
  • White hairs or sores developing under the saddle
  • Bucking, Rearing and napping

Not all of these problems may be down to an ill fitting saddle, but often horses behave in this way if they are uncomfortable. Imagine having a pair of shoes that are too small or tight, it would make us reluctant to wear the shoes, let alone run in them, the horse would feel the same about an ill fitting saddle.

Remember horses can change shape, so even a saddle that was once fitted, or even made to measure may not now fit if your horse has changed shape. This can happen as a result of age, workload, weight, breed and many more reasons. It’s always worth getting your saddle checked every 6 months to ensure your saddle still fits as well as the day you first brought it.

Your saddle fitting consultation and what to expect

Your saddle fitting consultation will consist of the following:

  • Full saddle evaluation including on site flocking adjustment if needed
  • Horse Evaluation. This will include taking templates of your horses back
  • Mounted assessment of the saddle fit. You will not be asked to ride in a saddle that clearly doesn’t fit you or your horse. Ideally an arena is the most suitable place for this, but if you do not have one don’t panic, a field that is dry and flat will be fine. When a saddle fitter is called you need not feel embarrassed about your horse being naughty, nor should you feel intimidated about riding in front of the saddle fitter. REMEMBER they are there to assess the saddle, not to judge your riding! 

Group discounts are available for multiple saddle fits in one location.

Your saddle appointment may take up to 2 hours, so please ensure you allow enough time off of work if you are taking time off.

Lisa at LT Equestrian is very knowledgeable but also very friendly, she will make you feel at ease and under no pressure at all. You will be talked through what she is doing at the appointment and please feel free to ask any questions, no matter how daft they may seem.

New Saddles

If you are looking at new saddles Lisa will try as many on as possible to find “the one” for you and then it’s over to you to choose. It is as important to ensure that the saddle fits the horse AND the rider, at LT Equestrian the aim is to find the perfect match for you both.

For new saddles purchased with LT Equestrian a 3 month check following the purchase is free.

An added bonus

Lisa has many extra wonderful products in her van at fantastic prices, should you need anything else whilst she is there please ask.